Products & Services

Farmer information service

Geodatics offers its clients data and information services through different electronic platforms and/or applications. These products and services are meant to serve smallholder farmers in East Africa with tailor-made advice.

This is how it works: 

  • Geodatics collects geodata (satellite/ remote sensing, soil landscape and yield gap data) and builds a geo-referenced scientific knowledge base;
  • The client collects farmer and plot data (farm profiles), provided by farmers via mobile phone, mobile platform and interviews;
  • The app integrates the geodata and farm profiles and translates this into tailored advice for smallholders;
  • The app shares the information with clients.


In June 2016 the first Geodatics product is launched: nutrient advice based upon geodata and detailed farm data. In close collaboration with our partners, product development is in full swing.  New products in development are:

  • weather-based farming advice
  • farmer passport
  • market price information