Organization structure

Geodatics: a social enterprise by ICS

Geodatics is a social enterprise created and established by ICS. As a social enterprise it aims to generate financial profit to be able to invest in further development of products and services that enable smallholder farmers to increase their farm production and food security; a business for a higher goal - social impact.

Developed with support of the G4AW Programme

Geodatics was co-funded by ‘Geodata for Agriculture and Water’ (G4AW), a programme that focusses on improving food security in developing countries by using satellite data. The programme is commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and executed by the Netherlands Space Office (NSO). Partners in development were Agrics East Africa (Kenya and Tanzania), Wageningen University and Research centre (the Netherlands), Biomass Research (the Netherlands), Manobi (Senegal) and ICS (The Netherlands).