Geodatics advices 1,015 farmers in Geita region

Geodatics advices 1,015 farmers in Geita region

At the end of July, 1,015 farmers from Geita, a region in the north of Tanzania, received a site specific advice on the use of fertilizer. The advice covers both a recommendation for the use  of fertilizer for planting and so called top dressing. By following the advice farmers are able to improve their harvests significantly.

Geodatics works closely together with sister agribusiness Agrics. Agrics provides smallholder farmers with certified seeds and fertilizer on credit. This way, the farmers who received an advice can easily adapt their order for inputs to optimize eventual yields. 

One of the farmers said: “Geodatics adviced me to use manure from my cattle for planting, instead of chemical fertilizer, and only apply CAN for top dressing. It surprised me that their advice is to order less fertilizer instead of more. For me this is the proof their advice must be trustworthy."

Geodatics employees explained the benefits of using fertilizer where a one-acre farm can yield up to 15 to 20 bags of 90 kilos each, if good agronomical practices are practised. As a result, more and more farmers are interested in joining both the Geodatics and Agrics programs.


Posted on: 14 August 2017