Specific Site Advice

Specific Site Advice

A father of three and a farmer. Njile Kulwa lives in Northern Tanzania, Shinyanga region. He does both livestock and crop farming because the two complement each other. He uses his cows waste to make manure for his farm. 

Mr. Kulwa was able to learn about Geodatics through our Community Facilitator Mr. Fupe Kafulila. He decided to give Geodatics a try as it provides farmers with specific site advice. By joining Geodatics the farmer is able to know what his farm needs in terms of fertilizer specification. This aims to increase yield and income.

Mr. Kulwa was assisted by the Geodatics and Agrics team while planting. Good farming practices is one of the strategies Geodatics has put in place increase yield. 

As Njile took this leap of faith, his neighbours are waiting and watching. We are sure, after they witness the increase in yield in Njile’s farm, they will join Geodatics too.

Posted on: 20 January 2017