Tailor made advice makes smallholders increase their farm production

By far most rural families in Kenya and Tanzania depend for their food and income on what the farm produce on their small plots of land. Farmers tend to cultivate maize, beans and a number of other vegetables which is mostly meant for their own consumption. Families sell a surplus in order to generate some cash income. When there is a disappointing harvest, the problems are traumatic to the whole family.  

Geodatics advisory services provide an important added value to smallholders to increase their yield and income by providing information and advice on e.g. the amount, type and composition of fertilizer to be applied, timing of seeding, fertilizer application and harvesting, livestock, household waste and crop residue management, actual market information like prices and buyers, and weather developments. 

Receiving tailor-made information means that farmers no longer work with inexact, general information but with farm specific advice that may differ significantly from the generic advice from existing information sources. As the advice is adapted to the circumstances at their farm, such as the quality of the soil, it can increase their yield significantly.